The world is filled with many people, all with their own intentions and desires. Some are overwhelmingly positive while others lean towards negativity.

Others seem to full-on embrace negativity.

It’s not always possible to remove those negative people from your life; sometimes they’re your coworkers or even your family members.

Neither is it always possible to change such individuals for the better.

And that leaves you in a bit of a tight spot, especially if you’re a highly sensitive individual or empath.

Luckily, you can get out of that tight spot not by changing the behavior of others but by changing what’s going on inside you.

Let’s take a look at a few simple strategies for doing just that.

10 Effective Ways to Clear Negative Energy From Your Life

1. Declare your intention to get rid of negative energy.


Stating your intentions aloud can have incredible power. The act makes them real, something that exists as more than just an idea. So when you decide that the amount of negative energy around you has become overwhelming and needs to be reduced, begin by saying that out loud.

You don’t need to say it to anyone in particular. Just put it out there and let the sound of your voice fall back on your ears. Then, take that intention and move forward to make it happen.

2. Yawn.

Seriously, do it.

While many people think that yawning is a negative thing – a sign of boredom or discontentment – it actually goes a long way towards clearing the body of unwanted energy.

That should come as no surprise, since breathing exercises help reduce anxiety and yawning is basically just that – strong purpose-filled breathing.

3. Have a smudging ceremony.


Maybe your mother-in-law spent the weekend at your house and the place is heavy with negative energy. Or maybe you just feel like you’ve brought home too much stress from work.

In either scenario or any similar ones you can think of, a smudging ceremony may be in order.

White sage has been used for centuries in smudging ceremonies to clear areas of unwanted energies and spirits. Have a look at this post for more information and instructions on smudging.

4. Repeat a mantra.

This strategy takes the ‘declare your intention’ point one step further and gets you to pointedly order the negative energy out of your life.

Here’s one example of a clearing mantra from ReAlive Metaphysical & Repurposing:

I, (insert your full name), refuse permission for any living and non-physical being to enter my body, mind, soul, spirit and energy field for intentions that are other than love.

I break all contracts, vows and agreements I might have made knowingly or unknowingly in all time, space, and dimension that in any way diminish the fullest expression of my joyful soul essence.

I break these agreements from this moment backwards, through every experience of my past, and from this moment forward until the end of all time.

I command these energies and people to leave my space NOW! They have no power over me. I ask for divine protection from these energies, that they NOT return to my energy field in any way, and for any reason. I now build a shield of light around me with this heart intention and my free will. I thank you that it’s already done.

Repeat the mantra as many times as necessary.

5. Laugh it off.


There’s a reason laughter is referred to as the best medicine. It triggers real physical changes in your body, boosting positive energy as well as reducing pain and stress.

At first, it might feel weird to laugh about nothing in particular. But force yourself to do it, and within moments, your laugh will become genuine.

6. Get a Himalayan salt lamp.

In addition to looking really cool, a Himalayan salt lamp will cleanse the air around it and increase positive energy.

It does this by producing negative ions that latch onto positive ones that leak negativity. Counter-intuitive, I know. But the results speak for themselves!

You can find a variety of Himalayan salt lamps here. Be sure to check out this post first to learn about what to keep an eye out for when selecting a lamp.

7. Dance like nobody’s watching.


Dancing causes your brain to release endorphins that create a field of positivity within and around you.

It also communicates joy to the universe. Joy is one of the highest forms of vibration there is, thereby placing you on a plane that negativity will have a very hard time reaching.

8. Change your karma.

When faced with negative energy from others, it can be tempting to dish that energy right back out. But that accomplishes nothing. In fact, it sets you back and causes even more energy to build in your environment.

Instead, engage in acts of kindness. Help someone less fortunate than you. Donate to charity. Volunteer your time.

These activities will boost your karma and reduce the amount of negative energy plaguing you.

9. Spend some time with that special someone.


If you’re in a healthy relationship, having love-filled sex with your partner can go a long way towards getting rid of negative energy and replacing it with the positive variety.

A number of other phenomenal things happen when two people in a healthy relationship have sex, including stress relief, immune system boosting and lowering of blood pressure.

10. Create a negative energy attractor.

Light a candle or set a glass of water on a table.

Looking at it, declare your intention to have all negative energy in the room enter the flame or water.

This process is known as the “Attractor Field Technique.”

In addition to clearing negative energy, it can also get rid of emotional problems and pain.

Check out this video from David’s Facebook page to learn how you can relax and get smarter!

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