Tangerine essential oil is yet another oil from a citrus fruit with powerful health benefits. Tangerines are almost identical to mandarin oranges, except they are harvested in a different time of the year. Tangerines, or Citrus reticulata, also lack pips and have a deeper orange color.  The tangerine is native to China, holds a special place in Chinese medicine, and has become popular around the world. Tangerine essential oil is extracted by cold compression of its peels.  Tangerine oil and contains alpha pinene, alpha-thujone, beta pinene, camphene, citronellal, and other healing components. (1)

Tangerine essential oil

7 Health Benefits of Tangerine Essential Oil

1. Tangerine Oil Prevents Sepsis

The bacteria Staphylococcus Aureus is responsible for this horrific infection known as sepsis. Sepsis is a condition that can go beyond swelling and reddening of wounds to acute pain. If not stopped the condition can quickly spread to the other parts of the body and affect them. Other symptoms are immobility, the hardening of joints, as well as acute contraction and cramps in muscles. Swelling, redness, fever, and convulsions are also possible. Sepsis can occur in newborn babies, as their skin is vulnerable to infections. Tangerine essential oil contains components which kill these bacteria and stop it from spreading, helping to cure sepsis. Tangerine oil can be externally applied to open wounds, as well as taken orally.

2. It Renews The Body As A Cytophylactic

Tangerine essential oil stimulates the generation of new cells via cell division, and recycling of the cellular material in the body. This both promotes general growth in the body and helps heal or repair regular wear and tear and outstanding damage.

Tangerine essential oil fruit

3. Tangerine Essential Oil Purifies Blood

Tangerine essential oil is considered a powerful depurative, an agent that purifies the blood. It helps in the excretion or removal of toxins and unwanted substances such as uric acid, pollutants, extra salt and water from the body. This occurs through sweat, urine, and the excretory process. Therefore, it increases the oxygen-retaining capacity of the erythrocytes, or red blood cells. The effect is blood that is refreshed and purified.

4. It Also Soothes Inflammation

Tangerine essential oil soothes the body. It soothes all types of inflammation and hyperactivity in the organ systems. Notably, the respiratory, circulatory, digestive, nervous, and excretory systems. Tangerine oil sedates inflammation from fever and the intrusion of poisonous substances in the bloodstream. These substances may occur from external sources, convulsions, anxiety, stress, and hypersensitivity to allergies. It also sedates depression, anger, and impulsive responses. (2)

5. Tangerine Essential Oil Boosts Digestion

As a stomachic, tangerine oil keeps your stomach in a good condition. How? It maintains a proper flow of digestive juices and maintains the right balance between the acid and bile. This neutralizes excess acids and cures any wounds in the stomach. Tangerine oil soothes the stomach and gives relief from inflammation. To have a healthy and attractive physique, you must keep the stomach finely tuned, and tangerine oil does that.

Tangerine essential oil digestion

6. It Relieves Spasms And Related Effects

Spasms can be chronic and highly dangerous. The condition is not restricted to muscular cramps. They can happen in the respiratory, digestive, and nervous systems. Spasms can cause breathing troubles, asthma, congestion, severe coughs, spasmodic diarrhea, cholera, and convulsions. Tangerine oil induces relaxations in the organ systems named above and gives relief from spasms.

7. Fine-Tunes Metabolic Functions As a Tonic

Tangerine oil is a tonic, an agent that tones and fortifies functions in the body. The metabolic functions benefit from tangerine oil, including decomposition of food and absorption of nutrients. This occurs by toning up the liver, stomach, and intestines. Tangerine oil also helps in growth and adds to strength and ensures proper excretion. Additionally, tangerine oil promotes secretions of the endocrine system and also tones up the nervous system. This keeps a person alert and active.

Tangerine oil also boosts the immune system to protect you from infections. A tuned up and toned body will function stronger for longer and make you healthier and happier over the long term. (3)

Bonus Benefits!

Tangerine oil not only improves circulation of blood and phlegm, but it also helps to maintain oil and moisture balance in the skin.

It also eases constipation and treats diarrhea, flatulence, rashes, dryness, and cracking of skin, hair problems, and dandruff. It may also help with controlling nausea and vomiting. (4)

A final note of caution. Tangerine oil may show some extent of phototoxicity in certain skin types, but in general, it is non-toxic, non-irritating, and non-sensitizing.