For years, there’s been speculation that many things we consume and use contain harmful chemicals. Documentaries such as Food, Inc, and The World According to Monsanto have done an excellent job shedding some light on the back door deals conducted by the FDA, the EPA, and multinational companies.

Just last year, the FDA was caught red-handed conspiring with Colgate to hide the evidence that chemicals such as fluoride, sodium lauryl sulfate and DEA are indeed toxic.

The FDA and its willing alliance with multinational companies and pharmaceutical companies are actually becoming well-known.

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When large corporations and government agencies are teaming up to withhold valuable information from we the people, it is a sign that something needs to change.

And that change starts with you.

I mean, who really wants to deal with putting unknown chemicals inside their body? I certainly don’t!

The truth of the matter is, you can still have a million dollar smile while using all natural ingredients. Moreover, it is not as hard or expensive as you may believe.

smileThe one thing you’ll need is charcoal.

You are probably scratching your head thinking, “Why would I use charcoal?” Isn’t that used to heat up a grill?

Activated Charcoal

What we are talking about is activated charcoal. This type of charcoal has been purified and helps to remove tannin, which is a compound found in most foods and beverages.

Other benefits of using activated charcoal are:

  • Removes plaque buildup and stains
  • Naturally whitens teeth
  • Helps to heal mouth sores
  • Purifies the body of toxins
  • Great for cleaning the skin

How To Use It

There are are various places to purchase activated charcoal toothpaste. Many come in a container that you dip your toothbrush into and begin to brush as you would typically do.

Activated charcoal does have an odd taste, so mixing in a drop of peppermint essential oil or milder coconut oil or olive oil will give it a better taste.

Other Alternative Charcoal Options

Maybe you are a little hesitant to begin using activated charcoal toothpaste. No worries, there’s another option, activated charcoal mouth rinse.

Making it is quite easy and only takes a few minutes.

  • Mix 1/2 teaspoon activated charcoal powder with approximately 2 tablespoons of¬†water.
  • Throw in a drop of peppermint essential oil or any one of your favorite medicinal essential oils.
  • Just like mouth rinse, swish it around in your mouth for 20-30 seconds and then push the mixture to the front of your teeth and hold for 3 minutes.
  • Spit out the mixture and voila!

If neither the mouth rinse nor the toothpaste tickles your fancy, then you can buy charcoal capsules and ease your way into using all natural products for your teeth.

Watch this video below, to learn more about the benefits of activated charcoal.