Not everything is as it seems to be, such as the hidden horse in the image below.  And, for another example, in the film Labyrinth, the main character Sarah races through a path in the labyrinth, believing it to be full of openings.  There’s just one problem–she can’t find any of the alleged openings.   With the help of Mr. Worm, however, Sarah finds what she’s looking for–she just wasn’t looking at things in the right way.

Sometimes the most obvious hidden objects, like the hidden horse in the image below, are right in plain sight–if you look at it the right way.

Take a look at this image of a frog.  Do you see it?  You probably do.  But do you also see the horse?  Keep looking!

Still don’t see it?  Remember, how you look at an object can change your perspective.  Here’s the frog again, outlined in blue:

To change up your perspective a little more, here is the same image, but in color.  Do you see the horse now?  Keep looking!


Now, to give you a hint, the horse is within the blue rectangle.


Still can’t see it?  Try this: look at the frog.  Do you see the spot where his leg joins his body?  Envision that to be an eye.  Has the horse made his appearance yet?  If not, don’t worry!  Many people were bamboozled by this image!

Here is the correct perspective needed in order to solve this puzzle:  simply turn your head to the right:

You probably see it now, right?

If you still don’t see the horse, however, don’t worry!  Not everyone can find it. Here is the solution, outlined in blue:

Now that you’ve seen the horse, you probably won’t be able to un-see him!  Challenge your friends–see if they can spot the horse without the help of the outline!