If you’ve never witnessed a lunar eclipse, you’ll have a chance this weekend! This Friday, the night of February 10-11, a special lunar eclipse will take place on a full snow moon. If you live in North America, Europe, Africa or Asia, the eclipse will be visible. Weather permitting, you’ll be able to gaze up at the sky and watch as the lunar eclipse takes place.

A full moon in February is traditionally known as a snow moon, because this month is often the coldest time of the year. Snowfall also tends to be the heaviest in February. Lunar eclipses occur when the sun, Earth and moon all line up. Because this lunar eclipse will occur in Leo, it will offer some amazing benefits if you open yourself up and let its energy guide you.

Here’s what you need to know about the February 2017 lunar eclipse:

1. It Represents New Beginnings

This month’s full snow moon and lunar eclipse will take place in Leo. This represents a time for chances and new beginnings. The shift in energy from the lunar eclipse will have a profound impact on many people’s lives in terms of change. It will come and go quickly, but you’ll feel its effects in a very meaningful way in the months to come.

2. It May Bring You A New Sense Of Purpose

Many will experience a personal change after the lunar eclipse. Others will find a renewed sense of purpose within themselves. This new purpose will be something that has been lacking inside you lately. While eclipses are always powerful, the fact that this one occurs in Leo makes gives it an extra boost.

3. Leo Makes The Lunar Eclipse More Powerful

Leo is known to be fiery, passionate and dominant, as well as a noble and courageous leader. When these influential traits combine with the new sense of purpose brought about by the eclipse, some will be able to finally take back control of their lives. This lunar eclipse will prove to be life-altering for many people.

4. You May Experience A New Enlightenment

Following this eclipse, you may feel a new confidence and be more conscious of the choices you make. Whether it’s a major life decision or something small, you’ll have a strong desire to follow your gut feeling. This is due to the major re-focus you’ll experience in your self-awareness. You’ll feel a sense of enlightenment that allows you to be more balanced.

5. It Will Help You Establish Inner Trust

After the lunar eclipse, you’ll start to feel many changes. You might realize that you can finally stop caring about what other people think. The shift in energy will create a shift in your perspective. You’ll be able to let go and trust yourself to make your own decisions without worrying about the opinions of others.

Learn more about the Leo Lunar Eclipse in the video below!


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