Did you know that sweat fights off infections? It’s true! Sweat contains a compound called dermicidin that kills off harmful bacteria before they get inside your body. So why use a deodorant that stops sweat?

Of course, antiperspirant completely ruins this process by clogging your sweat ducts with toxins like aluminum. The bacteria on your skin is then left to grow, multiply and get into your bloodstream. So yeah, stay away from antiperspirant. You should be careful about commercial deodorant too; most contain harmful toxins that cause cancer, Alzheimer’s and reproductive damage.

Instead, reach for lime to take care of body odor. Not only is it safe – it’s also more effective than any artificial product!

How To Use It

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You’ll need a freshly-ripened lime. Cut it in half and rub one piece into your armpit. Then, repeat on the other side.

Let your armpits air dry before you put a shirt on; this will give the citric acid time to get to work. It will also prevent your clothes from getting stained by the lime juice.

And voila! That’s it – you should be good for several hours.

Hang onto those lime slices and keep them in a marked container. You should be able to get at least a few days of odor protection out of each slice.

Why It Works

Sweat itself doesn’t actually smell that bad. What smells is the bacteria and fungi that avoids being killed off by your sweat’s dermicidin. This bacteria continues to thrive and multiply throughout your armpits.

Lime juice – a powerful antibacterial substance – takes care of those stray growths.

In other words, it stops the odor from appearing instead of just masking it like deodorant does.

Want to see lime deodorant in action? Check out this video from Vegan Tiandra!

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