Ellen DeGeneres recently blew a 9-year-old superfan and her mother away when she surprised them with a massive check meant to help pay for the girl’s education after hearing about her incredible kindness.

“I heard you helped a student out,” said Ellen after inviting Z’Niyah and her mom Joy onstage. “Tell everybody what you did.”

“So there’s a little girl in my class,” began Z’Niyah. “She comes from a different country and she did not know how to read so I volunteered to help her learn how to read and now she’s a pro at it.”

“And what made you want to do that?” asked Ellen.

The reply came, “your quote, ‘be kind to one another.’ And I just wanted her to feel like she can do anything that she puts her mind to.”

On that note, Ellen asked the girl what she wanted to do when she grows up.

“I want to be a photographer,” Z’Niyah replied.

At that point, Ellen invited one of her helpers onstage to give the girl a professional camera to help her with that.

But the surprises didn’t end there.

Later on in the show, Ellen turned to Z’Niyah’s mother.

“So, Joy, a few years ago you got really sick, right?” she began.

“I have a thyroid disease and I suffer from a lot of infections,” Joy responded. “It was a long time.”

“So you kind of lost your job, you lost everything and had to kind of get out of the hospital and start completely over,” said Ellen.

Knowing that Z’Niyah wants to go to college eventually, Ellen went on to present the girl and her mother with a HUGE check to relieve some of Joy’s burden.

See the big reveal below.

That clip has gained plenty of positive reaction on Facebook, where it’s amassed 2.3 million views already.

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