Some kids are just born with it. Looks, athletic ability, smarts, or, in the case of this three-year-old, a fantastic memory.

Brielle had been studying the periodic table for about six months before she was a guest on “The Ellen Show”. In that time, she was able to memorize the entire periodic table and facts about some of the elements. That is better than what I could have done when I took Honors Chemistry in high school!

Ellen is pleasantly surprised by her memory and voices what most of America may be thinking after seeing this video. This girl is amazing, and we need to brush up on our Chemistry!

Brielle says she is just good at remembering things. She knows all the presidents, and can name all the countries in Europe and Africa. This girl is ready to achieve great things. I cannot imagine how easy finals would have been if I had a memory half as good as her’s. Check Brielle out below and take a look at what Ellen got for her!