From emotional baggage to unwittingly dating a drug dealer, there are a wealth of bad first date stories out there. One individual, who had used a fake online profile, reportedly made plans for a date only to find out it was with his younger sister!

And sadly, there are more sinister first dates, the kind where you fear for your own safety. That was the case with a young woman, who was out on a date with a complete jerk.

A young man, 23, overheard an appalling conversation between the young woman and her date.

He was just getting ready to do something about it when an off duty cop took action:

Lucky for this young woman, this story had a happy ending. And yet, what could have happened makes this particular story an excellent cautionary tale. Always be extremely careful when meeting up with strangers, and always have an exit strategy in mind. Instead of accepting a ride, have a friend drop you off and agree to pick you up, or drive yourself.

It also doesn’t hurt to let several friends know where you’ll be and what time you plan to return home. For an “offline meeting”, Cosmopolitan recommends you talk to the individual on the phone first, to get a better sense of who they are before you meet them in person.

But thank goodness, in the case above, the cop was there to serve and protect! While we hear plenty of stories about cops who abuse power, not all of them do. This story offers evidence that good cops still exist.

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