When you meet a powerful woman, you know it. The way she walks, talks and carries herself can light up a room. She works hard, takes care of herself and always remains humble. When she faces setbacks, she maintains a positive mindset and works to find a solution. Her never-give-up attitude, along with her self-confidence and generosity set her apart from the rest.

Here are eight things a powerful woman does differently:

1. She Takes Risks

Sometimes, you have to take a chance in order to achieve your goals. A powerful woman knows that without a little risk, there is no reward. She is smart about her choices and makes educated decisions, but she doesn’t let fear hold her back from going after what she wants.

2. She Takes Care Of Herself

A powerful woman takes time out of her schedule to practice self-care. She knows that staying healthy and taking care of herself is key to her happiness and success. As busy as she might be, she knows when to pause and take time to do something that makes her happy and healthy.

3. She Doesn’t Make Excuses

A strong woman doesn’t play the victim. When something happens, she keeps a mind over matter attitude. She works to find a solution and knows that negative thoughts are the only things standing in her way. In order to get positive results, a powerful woman knows that she has to take charge and work hard.

4. She Loves To Challenge Herself

When you get too comfortable, you stop learning and growing. A powerful woman continually challenges herself in order to learn more and create new experiences. She always has some type of project going on to keep her mind active, whether it’s reading a new book, painting a masterpiece or working on a puzzle. She knows that even something small, such as learning a new recipe, can help her grow.

5. She Is Financially Responsible

Staying on top of your finances can be tough, but a strong and successful woman knows how important it is to be financially responsible. She doesn’t buy things she doesn’t need. She works hard and puts her extra money away to save up for her dreams, knowing that it will pay off in the end.

6. She Helps People

A powerful woman doesn’t step on the people around her in order to get ahead. When she sees someone in need, she helps them. If she notices that someone is having a bad day, she does whatever she can to help lift them up. A strong woman is genuinely happy to see others succeed. She knows that there is more to life than just focusing on herself. She enjoys giving back and helping others so they can reach success.

7. She Doesn’t Waste Time Complaining

A strong woman knows that complaining about her circumstances is a waste of time. Instead of sitting around feeling sorry for herself, she chooses to rise above her challenges. She can get angry and frustrated at times just like everyone else, but she doesn’t let it get her down for too long.

8. She’s Not Afraid To Be On Her Own

A powerful woman sets her goals, finds a way to achieve them and gets to work. She doesn’t wait around thinking that someone will come and save her. She takes responsibility for her own life. A strong woman is brave enough to face her battles without needing someone to hold her hand.

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