Old souls often have a deeper levels of maturity and wisdom. With these traits comes the innate need to live and love authentically and wholeheartedly. But an old soul may have a more difficult time finding love because they are unwilling to settle. Old souls have the best intentions when it comes to relationships, but here are seven reasons why they often struggle to find love:

1. They Want A Love That Teaches Them

Old souls don’t want to be complacent in a relationship. They want a love that teaches them and a partner who helps them grow. They have an innate need to learn and evolve, and they want a partner who helps them evolve in their journey.

2. They Want A Love That Is Vulnerable

Being compatible on the surface is not enough. An old soul wants someone who is willing to open up their heart, even if it hurts. They want a partner who isn’t afraid to be vulnerable. Someone they can share a deep connection with.

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3. They Come With Old Wounds

Many old souls carry a certain pain from their past. This pain often shapes who they are, forcing the growth of their inner maturity. When it comes to a long-lasting relationship, an old soul needs someone who is mature enough and understanding enough to deal with the baggage they may carry.

4. They Don’t Enjoy Dating

An old soul wants to fall in love as much as the next person, but they don’t typically enjoy dating. They are often put off by the drama and the rules of dating. They want to find love, but they often aren’t willing to date in order to find it. This adds to their increased difficulty of finding love.


5. They Want A Partner Who Is Committed

An old soul wants a relationship that is continually evolving. They know that love needs to be constantly nurtured. If someone isn’t willing to actively nurture the relationship, an old soul will lose interest. They want a love that is shown through shared experiences, effort, and true commitment.

6. They Want A Love That Is Authentic

A truly authentic love is one that makes you feel comfortable with being yourself. An old soul seeks a partner who celebrates and encourages mutual authenticity. They don’t want to have to hide, pretend or change who they are in any way. They are at peace with who they are, and they want a partner who is willing to embrace them.

7. They Won’t Settle For Anything Less Than A Soulmate

An old soul isn’t interested in an “I like you” relationship. They are searching for love, and they won’t settle for anything less than a soulmate type of love. They refuse to be in a relationship simply for comfort, lust, superficial attention or security. If someone doesn’t pull at their heart strings, they won’t waste their time. They know that their soulmate is out there somewhere. They just have to find them.

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