Not all relationships and friendships are meant to last.

As much as you may like someone – as much as you may learn about life through them, the truth is that some people are life partners while others are merely soulmates.

Huh? Aren’t they the same thing?

Not quite. What follows are 4 key differences between the two. Accepting these differences is key to understanding the nature of love and companionship.

Difference #1 – Purpose


When a soulmate enters your life, they seem to meet you exactly on the level you need them to. You learn lessons together, lessons that help you get through that stage of your life.

But then, things change. You take different paths.

It can be painful but rest assured; one day you’ll find a true life partner – someone that shares your goals. A life partner isn’t just there to guide you through one stage of life. They’re there to guide you through all stages going forward.

#2 – Attraction

What first draws you to your soulmate is how alike the two of you are. You complete their sentences with ease, and they do the same for you. You know exactly how they’d feel if you did ‘x, y or z’ because that’s exactly how you’d feel too.

But a soulmate also shares your flaws. And that’s where things get rocky. There’s no balance – no one to say “Hey, I know you’re mad and you don’t really mean that.” You’re too alike.

What attracts you to your life partner is intrigue – the fact that they’re not totally like you. Your faults and their strengths cancel each other out. And that makes for a balanced, stable relationship that can withstand even the most tumultuous of times.

#3 – Intuition


A soulmate intuitively knows who you are. As such, communication is real easy. There are no misunderstandings or any of that confusing stuff.

With a life partner, on the other hand, there’s a bit more work involved. But it’s worth it. The more you learn about your life partner, the more you want to dive deeper into their mind – the more you love them.

After all, that is what a good long term partnership should provide: growth, learning and intrigue.

#4 – A soulmate is often tied to one major event in your life.

Soulmates tend to pop up when something big has just happened in your life. It could be an awesome new job or something sad like the death of a parent.

Whatever it was, that person stays tied to that particular event. They help you process it but as you move on, they fall further and further behind you.

A life partner, on the other hand? Like that painting on the wall in your childhood home, they gain new meaning and purpose in your life with every passing day. Chapter after chapter, they remain your loyal sidekick – and you, theirs.

Soulmates and life partners both have their purpose in our lives. Which are you looking for right now? Can you think of any other differences between the two? Leave us a note in the comments!

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