While we would all like our relationships to be a walk in the park, the truth is, it takes more than a little effort to keep things going. Relationships take work. As time passes, couples may lose the spark they had when they first met. The question then becomes, “How can we get that spark back?”

Here are six relationship tricks that can help make you fall in love all over again.

1. Focus On The Positives

The outside world can get a little hectic, and usually, your partner becomes the person you vent to about your problems. While it’s great to have a shoulder to lean on, constantly bringing negativity into the home can strain your relationship. When you’re with your partner, make it a point to focus on the positive: “Work was a little rough today, but I’m happy to be home with you now.” Don’t let your home environment become negative.

2. Turn Off Your Cell Phones

There’s nothing like a ringing, beeping, or buzzing cell phone to ruin a moment. Whether you’re watching a movie together, eating out at a restaurant, or trying to have a conversation over takeout at home, a partner who is constantly checking their cell phone gives the impression that they are more interested in their phone than you. When you spend time with your partner, put your cell phone away. At the very least, put your phone on silent and check it when you have some down time. Don’t make your partner think they come second to whoever is on the other end of the line.

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3. Try Something New Together

Experiencing something together for the first time can help strengthen and renew your bond with your partner. You don’t have to go skydiving or climb Mount Everest (although, that would work!). Sign up for a pottery class, take dance lessons or a cooking class, dine at a new restaurant, or visit a theme park you’ve never been to. Pick an activity that you’re both interested in and make the most of it!

4. Let Them Know You Are Thinking Of Them

Small gestures go a long way. Make a point of doing little things for your partner, just to let them know you are thinking of them. Send your partner flowers. Leave a “Have a good day, I love you” note on the counter with a fresh cup of coffee. Come home with your partner’s favorite takeout after you know they’ve had a long day. Little things have a way of adding up. Your partner will feel loved and appreciated, and they’ll be happy to return the favor.


5. Go To Bed At The Same Time

Your schedule may not always line up with your partner’s. But when you can, try to go to bed at the same time. Cuddling in together and getting comfy at night keeps a bond between the two of you. Whether you’re spooning, engaging in cuddle talk or getting intimate before bed, going to sleep together can help keep your intimacy alive in more than one way.

6. Take A Trip Together

If you’re feeling a little disconnected from your partner, it may be because the two of you haven’t gotten a chance to really talk and spend time together due to your busy schedules. It might be time to get away. Whether you plan a tropical vacation, a road trip to somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit, or a weekend cabin getaway, take time out from your schedules to spend time together. It might simply be a pamper-yourself spa day, then room service and a romantic night at a nearby fancy hotel. Wherever your trip may lead you, you might just find that spark.

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