If you’ve ever seen a friend or a family member truly in love with someone, you may have noticed their behavior change. True love can have a powerful hold on your heart. Whether you like it or not, falling in love causes your emotions to rise to the surface, which can cause subtle changes in your behavior.

Here are eight signs that you are truly in love with someone:

1. You Are Captivated By Them

When you are truly in love, everything about that person captivates you. You see them as unique and interesting. You love their strengths as well as they traits they see are their weaknesses, along with their funny and unique quirks.

2. You Show That You Care

When someone you truly love needs help, you don’t hesitate or wait for them to ask. You show how much you care by being loyal, keeping their secrets, standing up for them and being a shoulder to cry on when needed.

3. You Experience Feelings Of Euphoria

When you have a crush, you might feel butterflies in your stomach. When you fall in love, those butterflies turn into something much greater. When you’re truly in love, you experience a feeling of euphoria every time that person is near.

4. The Two Of You Hold A Special Bond

When you go through something tough with another person, that adversity can end up strengthening your bond. Feeling like that person is the only one who truly understands what you went through, because they’ve been through it too, can lead to a romantic attraction.

5. You Can’t Stop Thinking About Them

When you fall in love, your emotions tend to take over your mind. You might dream about the person you love or spend every waking moment thinking about them. Your strong feelings make it impossible for you to get them out of your head.

6. You Want To Spend Every Minute With Them

The person you’re in love with is able to brighten your day just by being in the room. Whenever you’re around them you feel pure bliss, which makes you want to spend every minute with them.

7. You Can’t Picture Your Life Without Them

When you truly love someone, you aren’t able to picture your life without them. You can’t imagine ever being apart or going back to the way your life was before you met them. They have a strong hold on your heart and you hope the two of you stay together forever.

8. You Would Do Anything For Them

Your love toward another person also causes you to feel empathy toward them. When they feel sad or upset, you feel the same. You would do anything to keep them happy, including standing up for them when others are trying to bring them down.

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