Truly interesting people are a pleasure to come by. They are curious, outgoing, and they seem to have a special magnetism that draws you in. They are full of captivating stories about the things they’ve done, the places they’ve been and the people they’ve met. Interesting people are always up for an adventure. They long to explore the world, and their energy radiates to those around them.

Being interesting can help you meet more people, expand your knowledge, win others over and be a more effective leader. There are eight habits that many interesting people have in common. Sometimes, these habits form naturally. Other times, they are the result of a conscious effort. Here’s what interesting people do to make themselves unique and draw others in:

1. They’re Passionate

When interesting people find work they love, they will stop at nothing to turn it into their life’s work. Instead of letting it be a hobby that falls to the wayside, they are willing to make the changes needed to follow their dreams. Interesting people have more than just interests. They have passions that drive them.

2. They Don’t Jump on the Bandwagon

Interesting people are committed to forging their own paths. They don’t judge others, but they also don’t follow the crowd. They’re more interested in forming their own opinions and being leaders and innovators who break conformity.

3. They’re Constantly Learning

Interesting people know that there is always something to be learned. No matter how many countries they’ve been to, how many friends they have or what their IQ is, they stay humble. They are constantly seeking knowledge, fueled by their desire to discover the unknown. Interesting people are in a constant state of wonder.

4. They’re Quirky

Let’s face it: we’re all a little strange in our own ways. The difference is that interesting people don’t feel the need to hide their quirks. They’re open and unashamed of who they really are. They know that their quirks are what makes them who they are.

5. They Keep Their Egos Out of the Picture

Interesting people know to trust their gut, but always check their ego at the door. They base their decisions on their own knowledge and experiences, and they stay true to their values, goals and ambitions. They want to succeed without stepping on others to do so.

6. They Love to Try New Things

Interesting people are always looking to expand their knowledge. They know what they like, dislike and what they want out of life, but they’re also willing to try something new. They’re always up for an adventure. They enjoy traveling to new places, trying new foods and having new experiences.

7. They Share Their Knowledge

The only thing that interesting people enjoy as much as learning is sharing their knowledge and discoveries with others. They don’t share to brag, they share for other people to enjoy. They love to tell stories about their travels or about the interesting people they’ve come across.

8. They Don’t Care What Others Think

Interesting people refuse to hold back their true selves to make others comfortable or to gain their approval. They aren’t afraid of rejection. They are authentic regardless of who they’re with. Some might see their quirky behavior as strange, but they enjoy living life to the fullest and remaining true to who they are.

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7 Things the Most Interesting People All Have in Common