Your personality can either attract people, or make them shy away from you. You might not realize it, but certain behavioral habits you keep might be making you seem unapproachable, conceded or just plain rude.

Here are seven personality mistakes that make you unattractive:

1. Boasting

If you’re constantly talking about your money, possessions or achievements, people will eventually get tired of hearing it. No one wants to be around someone who constantly talks themselves up in an effort to make them seem smarter, more successful or just pain better than everyone else.

2. Lacking Self-respect

If you don’t respect yourself, how is anyone else going to respect you? Self-love and self-respect can be difficult to find when you aren’t at peace with yourself, but allowing people to walk all over you or be disrespected isn’t an attractive quality.

3. Fearing Rejection

Tip-toeing through life being afraid of rejection tells others that you’re afraid to take a risk. It shows that even if you’re unhappy, you aren’t willing to do anything about it to change your situation and make it better.

4. Being Dependent On The Approval Of Others

Constantly needing the approval of others in order to make any decision in your life shows people that you’re needy and indecisive. Your own opinion should be what matters most to you. Let go of your need to please others and work on creating a life that makes you happy.

5. Not Setting Limits

Letting other people hurt you or cross your boundaries and doing nothing about it shows others that you’re too afraid to stand up for yourself. Respecting yourself enough to set limits is a much more attractive quality.

6. Being Disrespectful

When it comes to showing respect, your behavior can either make you seem kind and compassionate or rude and close-minded. Respecting others, regardless of their age, race, gender, social status or religion shows others that your’re a kind and accepting person. Being disrespectful isn’t simply unattractive, it’s just plain ugly.

7. Fearing Loneliness

Finding someone to share your life with is an amazing thing, but if you let your fear of being alone turn you into someone who’s constantly searching for a relationship, no one is going to want to spend time with you. Being able to find happiness on your own is a much more attractive quality.

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