Even though crying is perfectly natural, many of us still try to hide it. We quickly wipe our tears when they fall, we apply a little extra make-up to cover a blotchy face and our first instinct is often to lie when someone asks if we’re OK. But crying isn’t a sign of weakness. In fact, it’s a sign of strength.

Here are six reasons why crying means strength:

1. Crying Has Health Benefits

Crying helps release toxins from the body. It serves as a natural defense mechanism against germs and other bacteria. The next time you shed a few tears, remember that your body is keeping you safe from harmful toxins.

2. Crying Helps You Move On

Refusing to acknowledge a painful situation and acting like everything is fine won’t help you let you of the pain and move on. But crying can. Crying is a healthy way to let your emotions out and release the baggage you’ve been holding onto.

3. Crying Helps Relieve Stress

When you cry, your body begins to relax. You’re finally able to let out the emotions you’ve been holding onto, which helps relieve stress. That’s why you feel better after a good, overdue cry.

4. Crying Helps You Process Grief

Losing someone who was close to you is never easy. The grief you feel can become so overwhelming that you feel trapped inside of it. Allowing yourself to cry instead of holding your emotions in can help you process the grief and loss that you feel.

5. Crying Helps You Feel

Have you ever been so overwhelmed or upset that you don’t know how to feel? A good cry can help you sort out your emotions. The release of all your pent-up negative energy can help you step back, relax and figure out your next step.

6. Crying Shows Vulnerability

Vulnerability isn’t a bad thing. Crying shows that you’re not afraid to feel. You are in touch with your emotions and you could care less about what society thinks. Crying shows strength, not weakness.

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