Home DIYs are great, and there are lots of ways to spruce up your home by adding a little paint or pattern to your walls, or ripping up the old floor and putting in something that’s brand new. But sometimes home DIYs are a no-can-do for renters. If you’re renting, you may still want to add a little flair to your space. It just has to be something that you can take down if needed. Well, London-based blogger Annabel Vita was in your position, renters, and I think you’ll love what she came up with!

Annabel was renting a flat in 2013 when she came up with a brilliant and easily reversible project to help brighten up her space and make it her own. Here’s the best part — It’s cheap! No expensive trips to Home Depot needed.

Annabel’s bed faced a window, and she wanted some privacy without completely blocking out the sunlight. So she grabbed some cornstarch and a little lace, and a beautiful DIY project was born.

First, Annabel painted her windows with a cornstarch paste.


To make the paste:

  1. Combine equal parts cornstarch (or cornflower) and cold water.
  2. Slowly add boiling water until the mixture becomes gelatinous.

Annabel’s exact mixture consisted of 2 tablespoons of cornstarch, 2 tablespoons of cold water, and 1 1/2 cups of boiling water, but you can adjust the mix depending on the size of your project.

Next, she cut out lace, using a template of her windowpane.


You can buy whatever pattern of lace you’d like for the project. It only costs a few dollars per yard!

Next, she pressed the lace to the window and went back over it with the cornstarch paste.


Don’t worry if your paste has a white tint when you first apply it. It should dry clear within 12 to 24 hours!

Here’s the finished product!


This project is perfect if you’re looking for a creative way to add some style to your room. The lace is super easy to work with. There are holes in the fabric so you won’t have to deal with any air bubbles.

I’d love waking up to this, wouldn’t you?


The lace allows sunlight to fill the room, so you won’t be missing out on a beautiful day, and it provides enough privacy to let you feel comfortable. If you’re into the vintage look or like a touch of elegance, this is perfect!

And if you get tired of the look, or your lease is up and it’s time to move on…


You’ll have no problem removing the lace with a little scrubbing. Annabel moved out of her flat six months after adding the lace, but removing it was simple.

Just spray the lace with hot water to loosen it from the windowpane. You should be able to peel most of it off. For the rest, use some soap and hot water to pick up any left over residue. You’ll be back to your old window in no time.

Without the lace, your window may look a little too plain … back to the drawing board!

h/t: wimp