When it comes to laborious household tasks, getting rid of a dead tree has to be pretty high up on the list of “Uh… I’ll do it later, honey…” chores.

And when you have a wife like Mimi who says, “I’m known for making simple tasks complex,” you know you’ll be out in the yard for a while.

But while Mimi says her husband is never thrilled with her creative ideas, what she had in mind for a tree stump is something they’re both very proud of.

Because the tree is visible from the street, Mimi decided she wanted to turn it into a Gnome Tree Stump House. And so, using supplies from various department stores and a couple weeks of labour, the couple set out on transforming the boring tree stump into something quite impressive.

The finished product has touches ranging from a shepherd’s hook to a miniature lantern, wooden windows and even small clay pots.

The couple continues to get great feedback and comments from everyone, from their neighbours to friends and family. It’s become quite a conversation piece in the neighbourhood, and will hopefully serve as inspiration for all of you to get creative with household chores and bring smiles to your family and friends, and brighten up your neighbourhood.