Dr. Carol Ritberger, a world-famous behavioral psychologist, and author, believes there are four distinct personality types in the world. These are symbolized by the colors red, orange, yellow, and green.

Red is someone who just wants to get work done. They are bold and opinionated.

Orange is someone who wants everyone to get along. They are the caregivers and the peacemakers.

Yellow is a person who wants to make something better. They want to make a difference and work towards that goal.

Green is someone who wants to experience everything, learn from it, and create new and amazing things.

Understanding one’s personality is necessary for making important life decisions like what to pursue for a future career or what makes one passionate. By understanding one’s key personality traits, it is easier to understand one’s self and what makes him or her tick.

Knowing your personality and yourself is key to a happy, fulfilling life.

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