When you decide which one of these images is most appealing to you, your true personality will be revealed.

This short picture-quiz will tell you what your hidden personality type is based upon which image you find most appealing to the eye. There will be an image below with five different types of triangles on it. These triangles represent different personality traits hidden within your subconscious mind.

Take a look at the photo and decide which one is most appealing!

If you picked the first triangle:

You are likely goal-oriented and hard-working. Your biggest strength is your perseverance. Critics call you a perfectionist or a nit-picker but you just like to see things done properly. You are normally quite successful unless you are impeded by others.

If you picked the second triangle:

You are authentic and straightforward. You believe that honesty is the best policy and you apply that belief consistently. Most people see you as a trustworthy and decent person. People have come to rely on you for your honest interpretations and positive outlook on life.

If you picked the third triangle:

You are an intellectual. You are rational and methodical in your planning and execution of your plans. Most people think of you as thoughtful and scholarly but critics may call you a nerd or compare you to a robot. You do have feelings but you truly believe that decisions are best made rationally with careful thought.

If you picked the fourth triangle:

You are extremely passionate. This passion can often present itself as intense determination. You can often be fierce when it comes to pursuing your goals. You are a focused person and you don’t get distracted by anything. You are extremely eager to reach your goals, bordering on impatience.

If you picked the fifth triangle:

You are extravertive and most people describe you as a social butterfly. You are the most talkative person in almost every situation and you can carry on a conversation with nearly anyone. Not only are you a good talker but you’re a good listener too. You love to participate in every part of the conversation including listening to what the other person has to say. You develop deep and meaningful relationships that last a lifetime. You nurture your friendships and value them more than anything.