Lindsey Cochran and her brother Trenton are not like any normal siblings. They are best friends.

Lindsey was born with Spinal Muscular Atrophy and has been in a wheelchair since she was two years old. This prevents her from doing many activities children her age like to do, but she does not have a broken spirit.

Her mother, Tracy Cochran, wrote this in a blog post for Everyday Health:

“She laughs often, cries little, and lives life to its fullest. She has been a blessing to so many, and God has richly taken our family down paths that have been hard, but have allowed us to grow in ways we would have never expected. Like Lindsay, we have learned to take life one day at a time.”

However, the bond Lindsey and Trenton shares probably have a big role in her attitude towards life. He is one of her biggest supporters and loves her incredibly. He shows this by caring for her and running races to raise money to find a cure for Spinal Muscular Atrophy.

“Just because she’s different doesn’t mean she doesn’t fit in,” he said in the video for K-LOVE Fan Awards.

At around the 1:45 mark, one can easily see how much he cares for his sister. He breaks down in tears claiming his life is better for having her in it.

If that is not true love, I do not know what is.

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