Have you ever felt like you met someone who was truly a kindred spirit? There are 7 signs that you’ve met someone like that which everyone should remember…

Some people are lucky enough to meet a true kindred spirit in their life. This person always has their back and seems to have a deep connection with you. This person may or may not be family but either way the bond is stronger than that. A kindred spirit will seem like they have a connection to you that is inexplicable. This person isn’t just friends with you on a superficial level, they are the type of people who will be there for you regardless of your current situation. They’ll be there in good times and bad alike. There are seven signs that you may have met your kindred spirit. Does your best friend exhibit these signs?

#1 They can sense when you need help.

A true kindred spirit can sense when something is up with you. They have this sixth sense about when something is wrong. You can be having the worst day ever and be in a rotten mood and not a single person will notice except your kindred spirit. Sometimes a kindred spirit might not even have to see you to realize you’re feeling blue – they might tell just from your voice or the way you type in your messages. They know a deeper side to you and they’re the first to know when something is wrong.

#2 You help each other reach your goals.

They realize that you have goals in mind and they always want to help you meet them. Your kindred spirit will sometimes seem more committed to your accomplishments than you are. You truly want to see each other accomplish everything you’ve ever wanted to achieve. When you tell your kindred spirit you want to do something they take it very seriously and they’ll do almost anything to help you. Just like everything with your kindred, the feeling is reciprocal and you feel the need to help them achieve too.

#3 You make each other’s lives better.

You constantly improve and invigorate each other’s lives. Kindred spirits are the type of friends who will buy you a gift and the only reason they did it is because the item made them think of you. You and your kindred spirit are always thoughtful and kind, never wanting to make anything more difficult than it has to be. You constantly enrich one another, always keeping your kindred spirit in mind when a new opportunity presents itself.

#4 You both have similar levels of passion.

If you’re laid back and low key then so will your kindred spirit. If you’re tenacious and passionate about everything you do then so will they. Your kindred spirit can always match you in your level of passion. It is so difficult to deal with someone who doesn’t have the same energy levels as you but that isn’t a problem with your kindred spirit.

#5 You teach things to each other.

It seems like every time you talk to this person you’re learning something new. Fake friends keep new things they learn a secret but true friends – your kindred spirit – will tell you everything they’ve ever learned so you don’t have to make the same mistakes they have. Your kindred spirit will want to share all of their knowledge and they will want to learn new things from you in return. They value your advice and you value theirs in return. With the two of you there isn’t anything you won’t be able to figure out together.

#6 You always tell each other the truth – no matter what.

You always tell the truth to each other even if it is painful. Who can tell you that you have something gross in your teeth except your best friend? Your kindred spirit will go further than that though. They’ll be honest about how they’re feeling, what their intuition is telling them, and above all else they’d never tell a lie that would hurt you. Don’t take this the wrong way – a kindred spirit can still throw a great surprise party. However, your kindred spirit will never intentionally and maliciously deceive you.

#7 You have a lot of the same beliefs.

You and your kindred spirit share a lot of the same interests, beliefs, and general attitudes about life. Your kindred spirit tends to have the same system of values you do and they also seem to be interested in a lot of the same things you too are passionate about. When you tell your kindred spirit about an interest, hobby, or cause you support their general answer seems to be “me too.” The variety of things you share is amazing and can be anything ranging from food tastes to political beliefs. You and your kindred spirit just seem to agree on things.