Is your partner really your soulmate? There are nine key ways to tell if your partner is actually the one…

Relationships can be difficult and it can be a daunting task dating and trying to find “the one.” Once you’re in a relationship, you understand that in order for your relationship to be successful, your partner needs to be more than just your partner, they need to be there for you and support you in all of your endeavors. Once you’ve found the person you want to spend the rest of your life with, you can look for a few key signs that signify that you and your partner share a deeper bond than others, and are actually soulmates.

1) You can be your true self

In past relationships, you may have felt the need to hide certain aspects of your life, or felt the need to change for the person you were dating. With your soulmate, you can be yourself. Your soulmate loves you for you, they love all of your quirky habits and they can listen for hours to you talk about what you’re passionate about. With your soulmate, you don’t need to change anything they accept your true self.

2) They support your endeavors

With your soulmate, you don’t need to to explain why something is important to you, they will support your dreams and endeavors without question. Your soulmate wants to see you succeed, and acknowledges that your success is their success, and will encourage you to achieve your goals. With your soulmate there is no feelings of jealously, rather you both lift each other up at every chance.

3) You can agree to disagree

You both understand that not every battle can be won, and that its okay to agree to disagree. In healthy relationships, arguments do not have a winner and a loser and with your soulmate you know when its time to step away from an argument. With your soulmate there is balance in the relationship and you both can walk away from a disagreement without being too mean to each other.

4) You trust each other

Trust is a major ingredient in a relationship, it serves as the foundation for a strong and healthy relationship that will stand the test of time. With your soulmate there is a natural element of trust, you trust what your soulmate is doing and you have no reason to not believe your soulmate. With your soulmate, past trust issues that you may have had no longer matter.

5) There is an element of forgiveness

Humans are not perfect and your soulmate acknowledges that mistakes and accidents happen. With your soulmate it is easy to be forgiving, and understanding. Your soulmate will not hold grudges against you for minor past accidents and will help you accept that forgiveness is the key to healthy relationships.

6) You’re living your best life

Trust, happiness, and ultimately, you living your best life is what life is like with your soulmate. Small outside drama no longer matters to you or your partner, all you are focused on is building your happy and growing life with your soulmate. You have found happiness within yourself and happiness reflected in your soulmate.

7) Gratitude towards each other

You both understand that relationships are a lot of hard work, and from running small errands for each other to listening to each other, you are grateful for what your soulmate puts into the relationship. With your soulmate you can see the effort that your partner puts into the relationship, and that effort is not lost on you.

8) You are exposed with your partner

Your soulmate is able to understand you and break down your inner self like no one has in the past. Your soulmate allows you to be exposed on a level that you have never experienced before. Your soulmate knows everything from your most personal confessions to how you like your coffee. Your soulmate allows you to explore an entirely new side of yourself.

9) You always have fun

With your soulmate everything can be fun, from enjoying a simple movie out, to enjoying household chores together you always manage to have fun with your soulmate. Your soulmate makes you laugh like no one else can and you always manage to have the biggest smile on your face with thinking of your soulmate.