It’s estimated that 81% of of the United States population is currently using a social media account, up from just 24% in 2008. If you’re reading this, chances are you’re part of the majority. Have you ever wondered what kind of message your sending out from the photos you post? It turns out that the most common type of photo you post on social media might be saying something important about your personality.

If you post mostly…

1. Selfies

An overload of selfies on your social media account can be an indication of your excessive need for the recognition and approval of others. You may have a habit of being self-centered, vain and even somewhat of a narcissist.

2. Sexy Selfies

Constantly posting sexy selfies to your social media gives off the vibe that you’re ready to experiment. You’re using your body to attract others and get them to like you. If you’re looking for a serious relationship, this probably isn’t the way to find one.

3. Children

Changing your profile picture to a childhood photo of yourself indicates that you’re tired of adult life and all of the responsibilities that come with it. Constantly sharing photos of your children tells the world that you’re either proud to be a mother, or you’re seeking affirmation that you’re doing a good job.

4. Couple Photos

If your social media accounts are filled with pictures of you and your partner, you’re telling the world that you are not alone. You want others to know that you are loved and appreciated. Take a step back and make sure you aren’t trying to compete with someone else, or to prove something to yourself or others.

5. Animals

A man who chooses a cheetah or a lion as his profile picture may be trying to appear strong in bold, traits that he is most likely lacking. A woman who posts cute photos of animals can be an indication that she is emotional and possibly sightly immature.

6. Nature

A social media account full of landscape photos may be a sign that you are satisfied with your life. You’re happy with who you are and where you’re at in life, and you’re able to admire the beauty in nature. It can also indicate fatigue from your daily life, along with a need for privacy and rest.

7. Group Photos

If most of your photos are group shots at parties or events, you’re telling the world that you have many friends and you’re part of a special group. It can indicate a feeling of inner loneliness or emptiness.

8. Glamour Shots

Posting photo after photo of yourself especially done up can reveal a need for narcissistic support. You crave likes and flattering comments to boost your ego. This can show a low sense of self-esteem.

9. Travel Photos

Some people post travel photos to emphasize their social status. Others post them as evidence of the feelings and emotions they experienced on their trip. Their travel photos are proof of new experiences and a personal achievement.

10. Photos With Over-The-Top Backgrounds

Posting pictures with yachts or expensive cars in the background is a way to declare your success to others. You want the world to know that your life is great, and you want to emphasize a certain social status.

11. Photos Of Food

Photos of food from an expensive restaurant can indicate an attempt at self-promotion. You want others to see that your life is interesting. You crave self-affirmation through your social media account,

12. Extreme Photos

If you constantly post photos of yourself skydiving or rock climbing, you want to show the world that you’re strong and courageous. You have a need to feel alive, but also a need to be noticed and a need for recognition.

13. Funny Photos

If your social media account is filled with goofy photos of yourself, you’re most likely self-confident. In order to post a not-so-flattering photo of yourself for others to see, you must have a sense of humor, a little courage and a lot of confidence.

14. Office Photos

If most of your photos take place in the office, your professional life is clearly important to you. You’re ambitious and you seek to show others that you’re a hard-working professional.

15. Objects

Posting artistic photos of objects layed out in a specific way or parts of a whole tells others that you are creative. You want to seem non-standard and different.

16. Real Photos

If you’re in the habit of posting pictures without filters or photoshop, it tells others that you perceive yourself as who you are. You don’t feel the need to show off on social media or appear to be someone you’re not. You’re happy with who you are.

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