These mandalas can reveal your empathetic gift, which one will you choose?

Mandalas and discovering which one you identify the most with can reveal a lot about your personality, more specifically your empathetic gift. Empathy can be defined as the vicarious experiencing of feelings and thoughts of another, your empathetic gift allows you to understand others on a deeper level. Your empathetic gift is unique to yourself and fully understanding your empathetic gift allows you to further refine your gift and enhance your empathetic skills.

If you chose picture #1 ~ Nature Empath

You feel most at home deep in nature, you have always felt a connection with the trees, plants, and living species of nature. You feel very strongly in the power of nature and that nature is the worlds best healer. You spend your time connecting with nature which always leaves you feeling refreshed and able to conquer the world. You use your nature empathy to channel the strength and healing powers from nature into your everyday life.

If you chose picture #2 ~ Creature Empath 

You feel connected to the creatures of the world, every type ranging from cats to elephants and everything in between you feel a connection to. You have always felt as if you have the ability to communicate with these creatures and have an understanding of what they go through. You always stumble upon situations that allow you to use your unique creature empath to help them when it is needed most.

If you chose picture #3 ~ Perceptive Empath

You are always able to pick up on subconscious clues and you are always perceptive to your surroundings and everyday life. You can always tell when someone is going through a hard time or when someone is feeling down. You are able to read people and situations very easily which can sometimes exhaust you with all of the emotional and mental processing. You use your perceptive empath to surround yourself with people who truly support you.

If you chose picture #4 ~ Passionate Empath 

You always feel very deeply about other peoples issues, as well as your own. You care very much about everything from the news to how your coworkers baby is doing. You always feel that not enough people care in the world, which leaves you feeling like you need to overcompensate for others lack of passion. You use your passionate empath to better the world by caring so deeply about the issues that plague the world.

If you chose picture #5 ~ Energy Empath 

You can feel the energies that people, plants, and any living species gives off. You can sense the energies of others and be immediately effected by the energy that others give off. When people emit negative energy, you are like a sponge and immediately feel that sense of dread and negativity. When people emit positive energy your whole world brightens up. You can use your energy empath to be around those who have genuinely good vibes and energies.

If you chose picture #6 ~ Healer Empath

You have a strong sense about health knowledge and you always feel the need to spread your knowledge and healing practices on to others. You feel very strongly in the power of the human body and you are always looking into new remedies for your body. You crave information about health and the healing process. As a healer empath, you can feel the health issues that others struggle with and you can lead them to healing remedies.