Do you know how empathetic you are? In order to answer that question, you might need to start with a good understanding of what it means to be an empath.

An empath is someone who, because of their heightened sensitivity, often feels connected to the emotional state of others. Empaths are easily affected by the feelings, body language, and energy that surrounds them, to the extent that they adopt all of that external stimuli as their own.

In other words, empaths are able to feel the emotions others feel.

In terms of socializing, an empath tends to be shy and reclusive, rather than talkative and outgoing. However, it depends where on the empathy spectrum the empath falls. Some of them may be less sensitive or emotional and instead more passionate and carefree, but by no means does that mean they are completely lacking in sympathy. Not all empaths are defined by tears and drama, but even the less emotional ones are still deeply affected by the energy of others.

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