Taking this quick picture quiz will reveal something interesting that you didn’t know about your personality…

Have you ever wanted to know more about your personality? By taking a quick look at this picture you can reveal hidden aspects of your personality that you might have never known about otherwise. Everyone has hidden personality traits and they are hidden deep in their subconscious. The key to the picture quiz is to identify the thing that catches your attention first. There are several things hidden in this picture but the thing you see first is a signal from your subconscious about what is going on in your mind and by extension your personality. Will what you see in this picture unlock a hidden part of your personality?

Take a look at this picture – what is the first thing you see?

If you saw the moon first…

You are imaginative and artistic. You like being the center of attention and you brighten up every room you enter. People often feel uplifted by your energy and kindness. You sometimes find yourself with the head in the clouds because your imagination can run wild. You have dreams and aspirations and you have plans to shoot for the stars.

If you saw the person standing on the hill first…

You are highly perceptive of other people’s feelings and you have an ability to see things from other people’s perspectives. You have a lot of empathy for others and you have a keen sense of when someone is feeling down. You are extremely reliable because you don’t want to let people down. Sometimes this can make you a bit rigid and you find yourself unable to cut yourself any slack. Other times you make the mistake of holding other people up to your own personal standards and it nobody is ever able to meet those high expectations.

If you saw the profile of the woman’s face first…

You enjoy solitude so that you can enjoy your analytical and reflective side. You don’t reject the company of others but you find a certain peace when you are alone and able to daydream and get caught up in your complex thoughts. You have big dreams and you find your creative side when you’re able to be alone with your thoughts. Your constant reflection and mental deliberation causes you to have a gut instinct better than most people. The best advantage of your constant contemplation is that when a situation arises you know exactly how you want to react because you’ve already thought about what you might do while you were daydreaming just the other day.

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