Believe it or not, a person’s lips can give you a deeper insight into their personality. If you are a bit skeptical, find your lip shape and see what it has to say about you!

1. Large, Puffy Lips

If your lips are naturally large and puffy, you were made to look after someone. You may have spent a lot of time volunteering around the neighborhood or playing with animals when you were younger. You have an innate maternal instinct and a desire to protect others.

2. An Upper Lip That Is Larger Than The Bottom Lip

If your lips fit this description, you are probably somewhat of a drama queen. You are charismatic, emotional and you simply love life. You are confident and you love being the center of attention. Others can always count on you for funny jokes.

3. A Lower Lip That Is Larger Than The Upper Lip

If your lips fit this description, you were born to be adventurous. Office work simply isn’t for you. You know what it means to have fun. You crave an energetic lifestyle, new friends, new places to visit and new experiences. Curious, sociable and open to new adventures describes you to a T.

4. Ordinary Lips

If your top lip and bottom lip are the same, usual size, it’s a sign that you are a balanced person with common sense. Your strength lies in your ability to listen to others. You treat other people with respect and you know how to take criticism lightly. The glass is always half full for you – you don’t waste time being angry.

5. Thin Lips

Thin lips are a sign that you are generally a loner. You are self-reliant, opting to cope with your problems on your own. You simply like being by yourself and being able to hear your thoughts. Despite your love of solitude, you still feel perfectly at home when you’re with people you love.

6. An Upper Lip With A Sharp Philtrum

If you have an upper lip with a sharp philtrum, you are probably a creative person. Individuals with these lips often end up being artists or musicians. You most like have an excellent memory when recalling faces and names. You are a social creature and you always achieve good results in your work.

7. An Upper Lip With A Rounded Philtrum

If your lips fit this description, you are compassionate, kind and sensitive. You have a habit of becoming deeply upset when something negative happens, but you always find time to help those around you. Your calling in life may be to help the less fortunate and care for others.

8. An Upper Lip Without A Philtrum

If your lips fit this description, you are among the most responsible and reliable people on the planet. You refuse to accept that anything is impossible or out of your reach. Your loved ones know that they can rely on you in any situation. You are timely, efficient and a natural problem-solver.

9. Small, Puffy Lips

If you have the perfect pout, you may be somewhat mischievous. You focus on your own feelings of comfort. You may come off as selfish at first, but you are compassionate and devoted to those you loves. Things often work out well for you because you are constantly examining your own life and happiness, but you will be there for a friend at a moment’s notice.

10. A Very Thin Upper Lip

If you have a thin upper lip, you most likely possess strong leadership qualities. You’re good at convincing others of your opinion, but you know how to stand your ground. Strong, positive energy flows out of you. You are successful in most things, but you often find it difficult to maintain romantic relationships, as your goal in life is to be someone, not to be with someone.

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