You probably know someone who has an exceptionally strong personality. Someone who seems highly independent and somewhat unnerving. Or, maybe that person is you! There’s nothing wrong with knowing what you want and having the guts to go after it, but someone with a strong personality can often come across as aggressive or rude. A strong person may have the biggest heart, but his or her rough-around-the-edges elements can be intimidating and cause a bad first impression.

Here are five signs you have a strong personality that might scare others:

1. You Can’t Stand Simple Conversations

Conversations that stay on the surface are boring to you. Talking about the weather is your worst nightmare. If you have a powerful personality, chances are you spend a lot of time thinking deeply, and you often have ideas to share. You see trivial conversations as a waste of time and they make you uncomfortable. Small talk doesn’t allow you to truly get to know a person, and it’s too predictable for you. You’re more interested in depth and meaning. As difficult as it may be, know that there is a time and a place for a light and fun conversation that others enjoy.

2. You Are Annoyed by Ignorance

Your strong personality is based on knowledge, many of it being self-taught. You consider yourself well-informed about a variety of subjects, and you enjoy reading and learning to increase your awareness. You put time and effort into exercising your brain, so when people make comments or judgments about things they don’t understand, it irks you to your core. You can either use your knowledge to point out someone else’s mistakes, or use it to encourage people to think for themselves, and to carefully consider what they say.

3. You Don’t Accept Excuses

You work hard on a daily basis, so when someone comes to you with an excuse, you refuse to let that person waste your time whining or complaining. You would rather focus on what you can do to fix a situation, instead of agonizing over the problem. You are consistently pushing yourself to be better and do better, and you have no room for people who constantly come to you with excuses for their behavior or lack of dedication. There may be a lot of reasons why someone can’t do something, but there are a lot more reasons why they can.

4. You Don’t Crave Superficial Attention

Having a strong personality means you do not need or seek attention. You’re happy and secure, and you don’t waste your time begging for others to notice you. You would rather let your work and your actions speak for you. Many people that you encounter on a daily basis test your patience by complaining, gossiping or creating drama to get attention. While disliking attention is valid, it’s important to remember that superficial attention is fleeting.

5. You Create Opportunities

While some are sitting around waiting for a promotion, a chance to travel or another opportunity to fall into their laps, you are working toward your goals and creating your own opportunities along the way. You know that learning, growing and evolving are important continuous steps in life, and you aren’t afraid to take a chance. You embrace change instead of fearing it, and you refuse to be complacent. You may have insecurities like others, but the difference is that you refuse to let them control your life. Your will to be happy and to succeed is much stronger.