Whether or not you would label yourself as a genius, you are undoubtedly good at something. But maybe you’re not giving yourself enough credit. We live in a society where we’re taught to downplay what we do in the name of modesty. But you don’t have to be full of yourself to be confident. You don’t have to be selfish to know you are good at something. And there is no shame in showing the world exactly what it is you can do!  According to the quiz below, the colors to which you are drawn in classic paintings can offer insight as to what kind of genius you are.

So the question is, what is it that you do well? What kind of a genius are you?

Now, don’t scoff. Maybe you’re a genius, maybe not. But you are good at something, and it’s time to take pride in whatever that something happens to be!  Maybe you’re an exceptional writer. Maybe you are able to take a car engine apart and put it back together with little to no incident. Or perhaps you always know exactly what to say to make someone feel better.  In a world that is often too cold and void of kindness, compassion and emotional intelligence are not to be taken lightly.

In the quiz, each slide will present to you a famous painting. You’ll see fabulous pieces such as Impression, Sunrise by Claude Monet and Starry Night by Vincent Van Gogh. Both are inspiring paintings, to be sure, and full of gorgeous colors. But which of the colors in each painting will stand out to you the most? Your answers will determine what kind of genius you are.

Take this beautiful quiz now to reveal what kind of genius you are!

What do you think? Is this true for you?


Van Gogh Gallery
Claude Monet Gallery