When you’ve lost everything—your job, your car, your home—something as simple as a shower can be the difference between hopeless and hopeful.

For Jason Winter and his charity program “Hope Thru Soap”, his goal is to provide a little hopeful hygiene—one shower at a time.

“I am really feeling refreshed and I thank God for [Jason] for bringing this shower to us,” said Nathan, a homeless man who stumbled upon Hope Thru Soap one day while walking through a park, “So much dirt came off of me.”

Operating out of a small trailer attached to the back of his SUV, Jason rides out every weekend to metro Atlanta, offering free showers—including soap, hot water, air conditioning, and a separate toilet—to those in need.

“Something as small as a shower gives them hope,” said Jason, “When you’re clean you’re less likely to want to sleep under a bridge. A shower might make them want to get out and find work.”

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We met this guy yesterday that is going to get a job after having a nice warm shower provided by Hope thru Soap. "If we ALL can make someone's day better than the day before…our world would be a better place." Changing lives one shower at a time.

Posted by Hope thru Soap on Monday, December 12, 2016

Despite its charitable nature, Jason says his operation costs significant amounts of money to supply water and toiletries. Thus, he’s seeking to raise $10,000 to help fund his operation, but for now his scraping money out of his own wallet.

“It’s a great feeling to help these people but I don’t do it for myself,” said Jason, “I do it for the folks that can’t speak for themselves and don’t really have hope left. We bring them hope.”