In our experience, numerous factors can affect your skin, from sun exposure to chemicals in your makeup. Age spots, acne, wrinkles and other blemishes on your skin are often the source of a major insecurity. As a result, most people who struggle with scars, acne, sun spots, pimples, and other skin issues usually end up spending hundreds of dollars on store-bought skin care products. Unfortunately, the problem with these products is that they’re often loaded with harmful chemicals. If your skin needs a pick-me-up, try a natural face mask instead! Of all the apple cider vinegar uses, this may be the best.  Baking soda, honey, and apple cider vinegar makes a powerful combination!

Baking Soda And Apple Cider Vinegar Face Mask

All of the ingredients in this face mask are completely natural and beneficial for the skin. This face mask is easy to make and inexpensive. You probably have all the ingredients at home! It will help remove impurities and leave your skin feeling healthy and smooth.

Here’s why it works:

Baking soda has natural antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties that will help remove acne. It also helps balance the pH levels of the skin to reduce further breakouts. Apple cider vinegar contains alpha hydroxy acids that remove dead skin to reveal healthy and vibrant new skin. It’s also a potent antibacterial, anti-fungal and antiviral that helps fight bacteria that causes acne! The honey in the mask is great for your skin thanks to its antibacterial properties. It also contains loads of antioxidants the can help your skin regain its natural glow.


  • Sodium bicarbonate (baking soda)
  • Apple cider vinegar
  • Honey (raw is best)


  1. To a clean glass bowl, add 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar.
  2. Add 2 teaspoons raw honey and mix.
  3. Add 1 teaspoon baking soda and mix.
  4. Slowly add water to the mixture if you need a smoother consistency.

To Use:

  1. Wash your face well to open up your pores and remove your makeup.
  2. Use a soft cloth to dry your face.
  3. Apply the mask evenly to your face and leave it on for 5-10 minutes.
  4. Wash it off with warm water, then cold water to close your pores.
  5. Use this mask several times a week to help your skin regain its natural, healthy glow!

Watch the video below for a simple how-to!