Galbanum essential oil, which comes from the plant called Ferula galbaniflua, is native to parts of southern Europe North Africa, and West Asia. Galbanum oil has a thick consistency, a pale yellow color, and a fragrance similar to that of green bell peppers. Its uses vary, but traditionally was used for religious practices and embalming. Throughout the ages, various cultures have discovered and utilized the medicinal benefits of galbanum oil as well. These benefits include, to name a few, removal of scars, treatment of respiratory issues, and bug extermination.  (1) Read below to learn about the other benefits galbanum can offer.

galbanum essential oil flower

Here are 8 health uses of galbanum essential oil:

1. Improves Blood Circulation

As galbanum essential oil is said to help stimulate blood circulation, it can help with such afflictions as rheumatoid arthritis symptoms. It can help expel unwanted substances from the body, such as excess water, salts, and uric acid, which is one of the main causes of arthritis as well as gout. (2)

2. Helps Relieve Spasms

If you are an athlete, you’ll want to pay special attention to this particular benefit of galbanum essential oil. You can use it to relieve muscle cramps as well as pulled muscles. Galbanum oil relaxes the muscles and nerves, which helps to eliminate spasms. Furthermore, you can use it on other kinds of spasms, such as those associated with the respiratory system and intestines. (3)

3. Reduces Appearance of Scars

If you have scars, including acne scars, you’ll want to give galbanum essential oil a try. This fantastic product can help diminish the appearance of scars by means of its ability to speed up the growth of new tissues and cells. Results may vary, but use of this oil very well may make your unsightly scars disappear altogether. (4)

4. Serves as a Decongestant

galbanum essential oil decongestant

Galbanum essential oil can help clear the lungs of nostrils, offering relief from cold, flu, and other bronchial-related illnesses. This makes it easier to breathe when you are sick or are suffering from allergies, which is paramount in achieving restful sleep. (5) It is excellent for clearing congestion.

5. Aids the Body in Detoxifying

This oil can help the body remove harmful substances from the blood. Additionally, it helps in regulating certain hormones, which can boost production of sebum, helping rid of such skin conditions as boils, acne, and abscesses. (6)

6. Gives Your Skin a Healthy Glow

Whether you have scars you wish to rid of or not, galbanum oil can still offer your skin various benefits. It rejuvenates aging skin, for one, giving you a younger and more toned look. It can also help diminish the appearance of stretch marks that appear from having a baby or from a dramatic weight loss. As it can also fight bacteria growth, it can keep the skin clear from infections, and leave your complexion smooth and glowing. (7)

7. Repels Mosquitoes, Fleas, Bedbugs, and Lice

galbanum essential oil repels mosquitoes

If you’re looking for a more natural way to repel mosquitoes and other bugs, you should give galbanum oil a try. In a 2016 study, galbanum ranked among the highest oils tested as being effective at driving away various insects. (8)

On top of using galbanum oil to ward off mosquitoes, you can also use it to drive off bedbugs, fleas, and other unwanted insects that find their way into your home. Consider adding the oil to your shampoo as it can help rid of lice in your hair, as well. (9) It is also excelling for removing lice.

8. Speeds up Healing Time

Studies show that galbanum essential oil is effective in fighting certain types of bacteria, such as MRSA, MSSA, and E. Coli. Furthermore, it promotes leucocytes and platelets in the wounded area, as well as forms a protective barrier against infections. This speeds up healing time and protects your body from further complications as induced by infections. (10, 11)

Cautions to consider: There are no known threats concerning galbanum essential oil, however, as with any essential oil or at-home treatment, be wary of overdosing.