Acne scars can leave you wondering what exactly you did to annoy the universe.

Is it not bad enough that you had to put up with a pesky bump on your face for a few days? Do you really have to live with a scar for several months too?

No, you don’t. Thankfully, nature has supplied us with a number of substances that can repair tissue loss caused by the papule and pustule types of acne.

Natural Remedies for Acne Scars

Remedy #1 – Homemade Cream

honey acne scars

For our first remedy, you’ll need cinnamon powder and organic honey. That’s it! None of the harsh chemicals found in commercial acne treatments.

Mix a tablespoon of each ingredient together until you wind up with a thick paste. Apply this to the scarred area and let it sit for 10 minutes before washing it off. Repeat this daily until you notice results.

How does it work? Cinnamon is an antioxidant that reverses free radical damage – which is at the root of any sort of scarring. Cinnamon also acts as a mild abrasive, removing dead skin and bacteria from the scarred area. (1)

Honey is an antioxidant, plus has powerful antibacterial properties.  (2) Furthermore, it’s a natural moisturizer. In this way, it can help heal damage skin cells and repair the discoloration caused by acne scars.

For more information on this remedy, watch the video:

Remedy #2 – Lemon Juice

shutterstock_211542739 lemons acne scars

For this remedy, you’ll need organic lemon juice.

The acids in lemon juice are very effective at repairing the discoloration caused by acne scars. Lemon is also rich in vitamin C, which is a potent antioxidant that heals damaged skin cells. (3)

Take a cotton ball and soak it liberally in lemon juice. Hold the cotton ball to the affected area of your skin for about 10 minutes and then leave the lemon juice to sit on your face overnight. In the morning, wash your face with lukewarm water to remove.

Remedy #3 – Baking Soda

shutterstock_179857913 baking soda acne scars

Baking soda, like cinnamon, is a coarse substance that works by scrubbing away dead skin cells and making room for new, healthy ones to grow.

Mix organic baking soda with distilled water at a ratio of 5:1. It should form a thick paste. Apply this paste to an acne scar and let it sit until it dries. Then, wash the paste away with lukewarm water. Repeat this three times weekly until you notice results.

Here’s a video that combines lemons and baking soda to help improve your complexion:

Remedy #4 – Olive Oil

shutterstock_253044214 olive oil acne scars

Olive oil is rich in vitamins E and C, which help speed up the healing of acne scars. It is also a great antibacterial substance that can cleanse your face and make future acne breakouts less likely.

Rub a bit of organic olive oil on your finger and massage your acne scar for a few minutes before bed. Let the oil sit on your face overnight and then carry out your normal face-washing procedure in the morning to remove it.

Have you got any tricks up your sleeve for dealing with acne scars? Spill the beans in the comments below; we’d love to hear from you!