What is your intelligence type? According to the quiz below, how you interpret and use colors can indicate what type of intelligence you have. The human brain is constantly identifying and interpreting information from the world around it, including, of course, color. The information the brain finds signals the nervous system, and subsequently, behavior. And colors have a universal worth. It is a nonverbal language that influences our emotions, behavior. It reveals truths about how each of us tick.

Colors can indicate details about personality, how we perceive the world, and intelligence type.

The quiz below will present you with a series of colorful images. In order to reveal your type of intelligence, you will answer a series of questions, such as which color stands out at you first, what color you would apply to a black and white image, and what emotions certain pictures arouse.

Perhaps you have interpersonal intelligence, which is indicative of an exceptional level of awareness of others. Such an intelligence as this means you have a high capacity to read others accurately. If this is your type of intelligence, you likely do well in social settings. Furthermore, this type is empathetic–the prime candidate to be an understanding friend.

On the other hand, you might have logical-mathematical intelligence, approaching situations in a rational manner. This type has strong conceptual and abstract reasoning abilities.

And then there are those with intrapersonal intelligence. While interpersonal intelligence types excel at reading others, the intrapersonal types exhibit a noteworthy degree of self-awareness.

Discover your intelligence type now by taking the color quiz below!


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