What is your greatest mental strength? Do you excel at perceiving the world beyond what you see and physically feel? Or do you rely on data and your observations to make sense of the world? Maybe you gravitate towards and understand abstract concepts better than others do. Whatever your dominant mental strength happens to be, it has the capacity to govern most of your behaviors and interactions.

Your strongest mental strength can have a considerable impact on your personality.

The quiz below, composed of scrambled words, can help you decipher your strongest mental strength. With each new slide, unscramble the letters to form the first word that comes to mind. Then scroll down to choose your answer from the listed choices. Be sure, of course, to not peek at the answers before you form a word. Doing so will influence your choice and subsequently tamper with the results! It might take a little time to form a word—see this as an excellent opportunity to demonstrate patience with yourself. This quiz provides a break from your daily schedule and is a fun way to learn more about how your brain is wired.

Take the quiz now to find out what your biggest mental strength is!

So, what is your biggest strength? Do you think the quiz got it right?

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