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This Common Allergy Medication Is Linked To Dementia

If you suffer from allergies or you have a child who suffers from allergies, chances are you usually have some Benadryl near by. The popular antihistamine is commonly used by adults and children alike to treat allergy symptoms. All medications come with their fair share of possible side effects. But it turns out that Benadryl […]


Vitamin C Outperforms The Shingles Vaccine!

Shingles. You’ve seen the ads, you know the drill; if you ever had chickenpox, you’ve already got the shingles virus and your only hope is vaccination… right? Wrong. While the mainstream medical industry loves to tout its knowledge as the only way to avoid things like shingles, the truth is that nature has always been […]


7 Shocking Reasons Why You Need to STOP Using Emergen-C!

Emergen-C is a popular Vitamin C-based powdered drink mix that fizzes when you mix it. It claims to provide consumers with an energy boost, better overall health and a strengthened immune system response. You might take it, for example, if you realized you just scarfed down a sandwich without washing your hands after the gym. […]