This cat won’t take or eat any food unless it’s given to her in a bag, so the woman who feeds it decided to follow the cat to find out why…

When this cat is given a plate or a bowl of food she simply meow’s at it and walks away. However, when she’s given a bag of food, she gladly takes her bag and walks away. The cat, whose name is Dongsook, is unlike any other cat the woman has ever seen. People were so curious about why Dongsook was taking her food elsewhere that they actually decided to follow her home one day to see what happens with the bag of food.

It quickly became obvious that Dongsook was no ordinary stray cat. This cat had a family to support. After following the cat all the way home and up to what looks like a rooftop, we finally get to see what Dongsook was doing with all that cat food. Then, a cute little kitten appears out of nowhere and readily rips open the bag of cat food and starts eating away. This cat’s motherly instincts are off the charts and she has one of the cutest kittens you’ve ever seen. The video was uploaded to SBS TV‘s YouTube account, a South Korean news channel.

Watch the entire video about Dongsook and her kittens here:

It is amazing how far this cat went to feed her baby. This is an amazing story! Share with all who will enjoy!

Sources: SBS TV