When a friend or a family member is in a toxic relationship, we often recognize it pretty earlier on. But when we are the ones in a bad relationship, it’s all to easy to become blind to it. We end up ignoring important signs that are telling us our relationship is harmful.

Here are seven signs that you’re in a toxic relationship:

1. Your Partner Goes Through Your Phone

If you don’t have mutual trust and respect, your relationship will never last. If your partner goes through your phone or reads your e-mails, that is not OK. It’s an invasion of privacy and a sign of a controlling partner who neither trusts your or respects you.

2. Your Partner Tells You How To Dress

If your partner doesn’t like the way you dress, do your makeup or wear your hair and they let you know it, that’s a sign you’re in a toxic relationship. It’s not up to them to decide. Dress for yourself and don’t let anyone take away your self-confidence.

3. Your Partner Doesn’t Let You See Your Friends

If your partner gets angry or guilt trips you every time you mention you have plans to hang out with a friend, that’s a sign you shouldn’t ignore. In a healthy relationship, your partner would never pull you away from your family and friends. If you realize you can’t spend time with your friends unless you bring your significant other along, that’s a warning sign.

4. You’re Afraid To Say What You’re Thinking

If you are fearful in any way to be honest with your partner or say what’s on your mind, you’re probably in a toxic relationship. A healthy relationship should be based on trust, honesty and respect. You should never be afraid to be honest with the person you’re in a relationship with.

5. Your Partner Insults You

If you’re with someone who truly loves you, they will build you up, not tear you down. If your partner has a habit of insulting you in any way, you are in a toxic relationship. It’s important to know that you deserve someone who compliments you, makes you laugh and stands by your side through the rough times, not someone who criticizes you every chance they get.

6. Your Partner Controls Your Finances

If your partner is controlling what you spend money on or how much money you spend, it might be a sign of a toxic relationship. What would you do if your partner has been controlling your finances for years and the relationship ends? As much as you might enjoy the feeling of being able to depend on someone else, it’s important to remain financially independent to protect yourself in case of a break-up.

7. Your Friends Tried To Warn You

If your friends notice you are sad or upset often because of your relationship, they are probably seeing a problem that you are turning a blind eye to. As hard as it might be, listen to the people who love you. If they are telling you there is something off, they might be right.

Although funny, this video shows clear signs of a toxic relationship.

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