As the seasons begin to change and the winter season rolls in, Mother Nature shares a new perspective on life with us. Although that does encompass the occasional harsh cold front, and a significant increase in time spent inside, there are ways to make the best of it – as long as you are willing to get a bit creative.

1. Blow a soap bubble, and watch it freeze.     


2. Search for common man-made objects, that nature has recreated in her own unique way.


3. Walk on questionably thin ice – for the pure enjoyment of observing what is beneath you:


4. Take out those dusty skates from the attic and glide gracefully down the open road.


5. Freeze your lemons, cook a meal, grate the frozen lemons and add it to salads, ice-cream, soups, cereals, noodles, your favorite drink or anything else. You’ll enjoy a great new taste – with a host of healing benefits!



6. Become a myth-buster and prove to the world why sub-zero pole licking still is … a bad idea?tongue