I first used essential oils after my sister’s puppy jumped up on my son. We had told him to turn away from her when she did this, and the result was three long scratches all the way down his back. They were red, raised, and painful. My sister suggested lavender to treat the scratches and to take away some of the pain. It worked like a dream, and when my son woke up the next morning, the scratches and the pain was gone.

It is stories like these that draw people to the wonders of essential oils. They really are astonishing little home remedies, and there are many different essential oils used for an abundance of different purposes.

What are Essential Oils and How do they Work?

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Essential oils are chemical and aroma extracts from specific medicinal plants like lavender, frankincense, or peppermint. Each extract holds a super concentrated version of the plant’s aromatic, healing, and chemical properties. These properties are then absorbed by the body and used to treat certain common or uncommon ailments.

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5 Shocking Essential Oil Truths

We have established that essential oils can treat certain common and uncommon ailments, but they can do so much more.

Essential Oils All but Stop “Superbugs.”

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According to Science Daily, “Essential oils could be a cheap and effective alternative to antibiotics and potentially used to combat drug-resistant hospital superbugs.” Professor Yiannis Samaras and Dr. Effimia Eriotou, from the Technological Educational Institute of Ionian Islands, in Greece found that thyme and cinnamon extracts were extremely effective in eliminating Staphylococcus bacteria. Thyme almost entirely eliminated the bacteria in 60 minutes. Professor Samaras adds, “Not only are essential oils a cheap and effective treatment option for antibiotic-resistant strains but decreased use of antibiotics will help minimise the risk of new strains of antibiotic resistant micro-organisms emerging.” This is amazing!

Essential Oils Work at the Cellular Level

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Living Traditionally states that unlike antibiotics, essential oils can treat diseases that are within the cell itself. That is because they can pass through the cell wall. However, antibiotics cannot pass the cell wall and can only treat bacteria on the surface of the cell. Therefore, essential oils are far more efficient in treating illnesses than antibiotics.

Essential Oils Can Be Absorbed in Many Different Ways

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According to Healing-Scents, there are three various ways the body can absorb essential oils: inhalation through the lungs, dermal through the skin, and oral through the stomach. It is important to remember that these absorption methods may not be safe for every essential oil. Also, young children should have the essential oil mixed with another oil like coconut oil before it is applied topically because young skin is more sensitive.

Essential Oils Erase Misinformation in Our Cells


Experience Essential Oils states that sesquiterpenes, found in almost all essential oils, delete bad information in the cellular memory. Then monoterpenes “ restore the correct information in the DNA of the cell once the sesquiterpenes have done their job.” This is because essential oils can pass through the cell wall.

Essential Oils Can Change the Biochemistry of the Nervous System


Doctor Mercola states, “A Japanese study found that inhaling essential oils can modulate your sympathetic nervous system activity. Certain oils were found to be stimulating while others were found to be calming.” For example, “Black pepper, fennel, and grapefruit oil caused a 1.5-to 2.5-fold increase in sympathetic nervous system activity.” Some oils were found to increase adrenaline and others reduced production.
You can read the complete study here.

What do you use essential oils for?

David Wolfe likes to stretch out his essential oils with spring water. Check it out below: