Pine oil is known for its strong, woodsy smell, and is commonly used in household cleaning products and air fresheners.  For many people, the smell of pine brings forth memories of camping or hiding. It also has strong ties to the holiday season. Other people associate it with a freshly cleaned house. If you love that invigorating pine smell when you clean, you don’t have to use store-bought cleaners. Pine oil can achieve the same effect without any added questionable ingredients. However, pine essential oil also boasts some amazing natural health benefits. It has anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and antibacterial properties that can clean your home and fight off infections. (1)

Pine Oil Uses

1. Household Cleaner

Sure, you can go out and buy commercially-produced pine-scented cleaner, but why expose yourself to questionable ingredients? Making your own cleaner has become increasingly popular over the years. It’s easy to do and allows you to know exactly what’s goign into your product. Pine oil’s anti-fungal and antibacterial abilities make it the perfect natural household cleaner. Add several drops of pine essential oil to a spray bottle filled with water. Spray the mixture on counter tops and appliances then wipe the surface down with a clean cloth. (2)

2. Air Freshener

Who doesn’t love the smell of pine? Whether it reminds you of the holidays or of camping in the great outdoors, the smell of pine evokes an overall good, zestful feeling. And by diffusing pine oil, you can use this fresh scent as a natural air freshener in your home or car.  but it doesn’t just smell good! The oil also works to kill bacteria and naturally deodorize the air in your home, office or car. Diffuse pine essential oil for 15-30 minutes to purify the air.

Furthermore, if you prefer an artificial tree at Christmastime, you can use pine oil to add the scent of fresh pine to your home. Many people prefer an artificial tree due to the yearly cost of a real tree, or wish to cut down on the overuse of Earth’s natural resources.  But by diffusing pine oil in your home, you can still use an artificial tree without having to sacrifice that Christmas tree scent.

pine oil scent

3. Garbage Can Purifier

The cleaning power of pine continues with the ability to sanitize a germ-ridden trash can. Bacteria and bad odors can easily collect in your garbage receptacles.  And, more often than not, a stinky trash can is the reason why your house smells unpleasant.  Just taking out the trash may help diminish the smell a little, but it isn’t always enough. Cleaning your garbage cans out ever so often will help keep your home smelling great. To clean your trash can out, dip a few cotton balls into two drops of lemon essential oil and two drops of pine essential oil. Place the cotton balls at the bottom of your trashcan to decrease bacteria and odors.

4. Shoe Cleaner

Especially in the warmer months, your shoes can quickly accumulate an awful smell. Do people cringe when you take off your shoes? Stop torturing them and clean your shoes with the power of pine! If your sneakers aren’t smelling so fresh, use pine oil to get rid of sweat, bacteria and odor. Add a few drops of pine essential oil and tea tree essential oil to the inside of your shoes to freshen them up!

shoe polish pine oil

5. Floor Cleaner

Most people are familiar with the pine-scented floor cleaner you can buy in a store. You don’t, however, have to settle for harmful ingredients, Instead, make your own floor cleaner right at home! For a shiny floor with a fresh scent, mop your floors with pine essential oil. Add 1/2 cup of white vinegar and 10 drops of pine oil to a bucket. Mop the mixture into wood surfaces then rinse. The great thing about making your own, other than avoidance of certain ingredients, is that you can add in other essential oils for your own unique cleaning scent.  For example, you might try adding lemon essential oil to your homemade floor cleaner.

6. Anti-Inflammatory

Pine essential oil has powerful anti-inflammatory properties that can help naturally heal pain and swelling. For example, it can improve pain and inflammation associated with conditions such as arthritis and gout. Add 1-2 drops of pine essential oil to tea or hot water with lemon to fight inflammation. (3) While you may be tempted to add sugar to this concoction, refrain from doing so. Sugar can worsen inflammation.

pain pine oil

7. Skin Care

Pine oil’s ability to fight bacteria and fungus makes it a natural treatment for skin conditions, such as acne, psoriasis, eczema and athlete’s foot. Remember to do a patch test before applying the oil all over, to make sure your skin isn’t sensitive to pine. Furthermore, it’s a good idea to use most essential oils with a carrier oil. This will help cut down on potential irritation.

8. Headache Reliever

For some people, the smell of pine can cause a headache. This is part of why many people opt for an artificial Christmas tree during the holidays. Others, however, will find relief from a headache with the smell of pine. Pine essential oil can help reduce stress, boost your mood and decrease toxins in the air to relieve a headache. Rub several drops of pine essential oil and coconut oil to your temples and chest, or diffuse the oil for headache relief. (4)

anxiety pine oil

9. Allergy Fighter

Pine essential oil can lower the presence of toxins in the air to help clear up allergy symptoms. Diffuse the oil throughout your home or inhale it directly from the bottle for allergy relief. (5)

10. Natural Energizer

The strong, fresh scent of pine essential oil can help improve thinking, alertness and memory. Diffuse the oil or use it as a perfume to help naturally relieve mental and physical fatigue.

Potential Side Effects to Keep in Mind

Using pine oil in a tea format or otherwise ingesting it may result in various side effects. These effects include irritation of the mouth and throat, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, headaches and dizziness. Most varieties of pine that are used in pine oil, however, won’t produce these side effects. However, those allergic to pine should absolutely avoid use of pine essential oil.  Internal use of this essential oil is not recommended for women who are pregnant or breastfeeding. If you have any further concerns regarding the safe use of pine oil, consult your doctor.