In the world of writing, there’s a saying that goes ‘show, don’t tell.’ It’s much more compelling to have your readers paint their own mental picture of a situation or object than it is to just tell them what it is.

Things are no different in relationships. The words ‘I love you’ can get stagnant very quickly – especially after you’ve spent a lot of time with your partner.

At that point, you need to ‘show’ instead of ‘telling.’ Here are 44 creative ideas for doing just that!

  1. Leave a short love note in their purse/wallet/pocket for them to discover at some point during their day.
  2. Surprise your partner with a special date in the middle of the week, for no specific reason other than your immense love for them.
  3. Think of something great about them that you usually take for granted. Then, compliment them on it.
  4. Give your partner a full body bedtime massage when you know they’ve had a long day.
  5. When you’ve got a message for them, call instead of texting. If they ask why, tell them you just wanted to hear their voice.
  6. Make him/her a gift, like a painting or picture frame with an original poem in it.
  7. Ask what’s on their mind, then do nothing but listen.
  8. Look your partner lovingly in the eyes when they least expect it.
  9. Ask how you can help them accomplish their personal goals, then provide that support.
  10. Compile notable pictures/text messages from your relationship in a scrapbook and gift it to your partner.
  11. When you and your partner make love, make a point of ensuring his/her needs are met – even if it means continuing after you’ve been satisfied.shutterstock_250691944
  12. When you’re spending romantic time with them, put your phone away entirely and focus all your attention on them.
  13. Make a YouTube/Spotify playlist with all your partner’s favorite songs and share it with them.
  14. Learn as much as you can about something they really like. Then, surprise them by starting a conversation about the topic.
  15. Ask how their day went, then let them talk without any interjections.
  16. Cuddle with them in silence and just enjoy their company.
  17. Help them overcome one of their biggest insecurities.
  18. Text your partner a joke randomly during the day.
  19. Leave them with a positive affirmation every morning.
  20. Tell them how much you love them in public.
  21. Initiate sex/cuddling – particularly if they usually make the first move.
  22. Surprise them by planning a day of activities they’ll enjoy.shutterstock_278874050
  23. Take them on a road trip.
  24. When your partner is stressed, help calm them down.
  25. Take them on a picnic.
  26. Ask them where they’d like to eat, then surprise them by making reservations.
  27. Invite your partner to accompany you and your friends next time you hang out with them.
  28. Tell them what specific features/characteristics you find attractive about them.
  29. Read their favorite book and discuss it with them afterwards.
  30. Buy a piece of furniture they’ve been eying/need, then assemble it for them.
  31. Take them to watch the sunset.
  32. Send your partner a cute/funny video.
  33. Give them a long, unexplained hug.shutterstock_155809202
  34. Take them somewhere beautiful without stopping to take a picture. Just enjoy the moment.
  35. Ask your partner to work on a project with you, such as writing a short story or painting something.
  36. Let him/her share their true, raw feelings without judging them.
  37. Take them stargazing.
  38. Randomly tell your partner how fantastic they are.
  39. Find a cool/unique cover of their favorite song on YouTube and share the video with them.
  40. Go to a concert with them.
  41. When you’re angry with your partner, take a moment to think before you respond. They’ll notice and appreciate the effort!
  42. Take them on a walk in nature without any cellphones or gadgets.
  43. Massage their feet after a long day.
  44. Go with them to couple’s yoga.

Which methods were your favorite? Be sure to let us know in the comments below! Get even more ideas in the following video.

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