Many women would agree that being a mother is one of the hardest yet most rewarding jobs on the planet. Different challenges arise at every age. One of the challenges that mothers face early on is the birthing process. While a natural birth may be ideal, things don’t always happen according to plan. A Cesarean section birth requires both courage and strength.

Here are four truths that women who have had a C-section know to be true:

1. They Don’t Know If Everything Is OK Until They Leave The Operating Room

C-sections are often performed because there is some kind of risk to the baby or the mother. But the risk doesn’t end with the birth of the baby. As in other surgeries, doctors don’t know if the procedure has been completely successful until the anesthesia has worn off. During a C-section, the mother is conscious. She doesn’t feel pain, but she does feel all of the movement inside of her. It isn’t exactly a good feeling. It’s unpleasant, invasive, and it may even be traumatic for the mother. Regardless, mothers undergo this procedure despite how scary it can be, because they know the reward is great.


2. They Bravely Face The Consequences Of A C-section

A C-section is considered to be a major surgery, with risks for both mother and child. It’s also difficult for the father or family members to be present in the operating room during birth. The mother may end up alone in the operating room, scared and lacking the support she needs. Still, mothers battle their fear and find the strength they need, because of the unconditional love they have for their baby.


3. They Go Through Their Post Cesarean Recovery As True Heroines

When the baby is born, they become the priority. A mother’s world revolves around her child and she meets their needs without question. Even with the pain and discomfort a mother is feeling post-surgery, she puts her needs aside and takes care of her child. A mother finds an amazing inner strength that allows her to keep pushing forward, even when she’s feeling completely exhausted. No matter how hard it is, she knows that her newborn baby is worth it.

4. They Are Left With A Forever Scar

Some mothers don’t realize how prominent their scar will be. Over time, it fades and flattens. But a C-section leaves mothers with a visible reminder of the day their child was born. While a lasting scar may not be ideal, most mothers see it as a small price to pay for their child. Their C-section scar becomes a sign of strength, sacrifice and unconditional love.

Baby and mother

All mothers are superstars, no matter how they birthed their children! Share this with all the mothers you know who faced a c-section for health of their child!

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