Let’s face it — getting a dream job takes time. Many people may become stuck in a job they don’t like because of financial need or the need to gain experience for a future position. While sticking it out at a job you’re not fond of may be somewhat necessary at times, there are four main signs that sticking it out won’t do you any good. If you identify with any of these four points, it might be time to pack up and find something else.

1. You Have an Abusive Bossboss

If you’re actually considering whether or not your boss is abusive, he or she probably is. Verbal, physical, mental or sexual abuse in the workplace should be immediately reported to HR. The sad truth is that your HR department might not be adept at dealing with abuse in the workplace. Even if your boss has never laid a hand on you, making crude jokes at your expense, constantly degrading you and belittling your work are signs of verbal and mental abuse. The longer you stay, the more damage will be done. Even if you think you can “tough it out,” why should you have to? You should never let anyone treat you that way, boss or not. An abusive boss is a clear sign that it’s time to go.

2. Your Boss Doesn’t Care About You or Your Success

When your boss shows absolutely no appreciation for your hard work, it’s a sign that he or she probably doesn’t care about you. If your boss doesn’t value you and your work, they most likely aren’t concerned with helping you move up in the company or advancing your career in any way. A boss who doesn’t care won’t be handing out bonuses, raises or promotions, so sticking it out won’t do you any good. The first step might be to try to improve your relationship with your boss. If things stay the same, it’s probably time to find something better.

3. You’re Constantly Boredbored at work

Most of us don’t get to start out with a job that we absolutely love. That takes time. But if you are completely and utterly bored where you’re at, chances are, you aren’t learning or growing in your position. Try to figure out why it is that you’re bored. Do you need to take on more responsibility? Shift your focus? If that doesn’t work, it’s probably a sign that you need a change. Look for something that you could be passionate about. It will make you happier, keep you more interested, and you’ll want to learn and grow.

4. You Feel Burnt Out Because of Your Company

Working overtime to finish a project is one thing, but if your company is one that expects you to live, eat and breathe work and nothing else, there might be a problem. Even if you enjoy your job, being expected to work 70 hours a week and skip other commitments will most likely lead to a burn out. So many employees are working a crazy amount of hours to make their employers happy and make more money. If this is you, weigh your work with all of the things you’re missing out on: holidays with your family, your children’s soccer games and school plays, a good old-fashioned date night with your spouse… Decide where you would rather be and just how much is worth missing.

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h/t: women working