Sociopaths are master manipulators. They use their words to get inside your head and make you doubt yourself. Once you start questioning your own thoughts, feelings and beliefs, they are able to overpower you in every aspect of your life.

Sociopaths can seem kind and genuine at first, which makes them difficult to identify. Eventually, their true colors will come out. By identifying key catchphrases sociopaths often use, you’ll be able to spot one from a mile away and prevent yourself from being manipulated.

Here are four phrases sociopaths use to kill your confidence:

1. “You’re Misunderstanding Me”

A sociopath will never admit to being wrong. If you’re starting to piece things together, they’ll tell you that you aren’t making any sense, or that you aren’t understanding what they’re saying. By making you doubt your thoughts, they gain control over what you think, say and believe.

2. “You’re Being Dramatic”

A sociopath often uses phrases such as “you’re being dramatic” or “you’ve overreacting.” No one wants to be called a drama queen. When a sociopath labels you as one, it causes you to hide your feelings and opinions. You start to keep things to yourself and go along with whatever they say, in order to seem more easy-going. This allows a sociopath to direct your every move.

3. “You Need Me”

Ultimate control is what a sociopath is truly after. They want to make you think that you can’t possibly function without them. If you start to believe that you truly need them in your life, they’ve gained power over you. A sociopath uses the phrase “you need me” to manipulate you into thinking they know what’s best for you and you can’t live without them.

4. “You’re Stupid”

Belittling others is a manipulation tactic sociopaths often use. The more they tell you that you’re stupid or uneducated, the more you’ll start to believe it. They purposely tear you down in order to make themselves feel better, and to make you more susceptible to doing what they want.

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