At 90 years old, widow Agnes was in no shape to clean up a cluttered yard by herself. For several years, relatives had been using Agnes’ home as their own personal dump for debris and trash. It got to the point where her yard was completely covered in rusted and rotting mess.

Neighbors eventually complained, and the city threatened the widow with a fine of $2,500 every day if the debris wasn’t cleaned up.

It wasn’t, however, just Agnes’ yard that was cluttered. Her entire home had fallen into disrepair, diminishing her quality of life. Her roof was in shambles, she had no air conditioning, and animals were getting into the house.
But as Agnes could barely walk, she couldn’t remove the trash on her own. And because her husband was deceased, she had no one to help her.

And yet, Agnes still took matters into her own hands. She contacted Operation Blessing. The organization provides disaster relief, medical care, hunger relief, care for vulnerable children and orphans, safe water, and community development.

Operation Blessing cleaned out all Agnes’ yard and tore down the run-down shed and trailer on her property. And that is all they had agreed to.

However, when Agnes went outside, the widow discovered something remarkable. Other volunteers had started to show up to give a hand towards the effort. And they were people Agnes never asked for or expected to see. It seems Operation Blessing had asked for extra help around the neighborhood.

But the surprises didn’t end there!

Watch the video below to see what else this incredible organization did for Angus:

Little Things
Operation Blessing