The Best Supplement….Ever!

No matter where I go in the world, there is one supplement I carry with me all the time…my favorite super anti-oxidant MegaHydrate. For optimal hydration, to protect from atmospheric radiation and as a driver for all your other health supplements, MegaHydrate is a great product to keep in your health kit and use regularly. It’s a genius product. Literally!

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  • Love that MegaHydrate product! Thanks! We order all kinds of supplements, plus earthing stuff, etc.from We have attended 3 of your LongevityNow Events and expect to attend the upcoming one in May! Best information and speakers ever!! We implement all the advice, and recently purchased a VitaMix 5200 super blender to make super healthy “longevity – best day ever” smoothies. You have impacted our family in so many ways for a better, even healthier life, and we appreciate it so much!! Keep up the good work!! Ed, Angela, Veronika, and Zara Budreika San Diego, CA USA

    • David Wolfe

      Great news, Budreika’s. Thank you for all you support. :)

  • Carmen


    Please could you tell me how to get the Paul Stemmet mushroom suplements and the mega Hydrate in South Africa?

    I know you work closely with Peter and Beryn from rawlicious – would this be a way to do it?

    Kind Regards

    • David Wolfe


      ships to South Africa, so any product you purchase will be successfully shipped there.

      You’ll have to email Paul Stamet’s company Fungi Perfecti to learn if they’ve had success shipping to South Africa.

      Hope that helps!

    • David Wolfe

      Hi Carmen,
      Yes I would work with Peter and Beryn from Rawlicious to bring in the products you mentioned.

  • Lisa Jamieson

    can u tell me who is importing MH into south africa, do u know of a supplier here (I am in Cape Town).

    Lisa J.

    • David Wolfe

      Hi Lisa,

      You’ll have to contact Phi Sciences – the company that produces MegaHydrate to receive this info. Here is there international contact info:

      Contact Name: Mr. Chang Chun Hsung
      Telephone: 011 866-4-8351118
      Fax: 886-4-8328308
      Email: js1 @ Phisciences dot com