Cold feet are a big problem for most people. My feet get cold easily, and so does my daughter. She then complains when she gets back inside because kids do not feel cold when they are having fun. I then sit there and help her warm up her feet again so that she is comfortable. However, I just discovered an easier way to keep feet warm during the winter and it does not involve buying the warmest, most expensive boots out there.

Just to make this clear, I am not talking about hand and feet warmers. These just work for a little while and then run out. All one needs to keep their shoes warm all winter long is a reflective sun shield people use for their cars. Just one will keep the whole family happy.

Take the reflective sun shield and trace the boot inserts for all the shoes you want to winterize. Then, put the sun shield inserts in before the shoe inserts. This will keep your shoes and boots warm. They add extra insulation and reflect body heat back into the feet. Take about a win, win!

It is super easy to do, too. Take a look at the video below to learn more!

Who is trying this? I know I will!

Let us know what you think!